Natural IBS Treatment with Ayurveda

If you're confused by conflicting information and haven't received help from your doctors; You can start your healing journey with Ayurveda to feel great daily and start living your dream life. Can I get a heck yes!? 🎉🙌

Don't Just Survive, Take Control, and Thrive

A brand new implementation of completely personalized healing
 through powerful one-one one coaching

Benefits of Ayurveda

Personalized Healing:
Every body is different. Our Ayurvedic approach is tailor-made for YOUR unique constitution, ensuring maximum benefits.

Natural Remedies:
No chemicals, no artificial additives. We utilize time-tested herbal mixtures and natural therapies for genuine healing.

Deep Rooted Solutions:
We do not mask symptoms. We DO address the root cause of your IBS for lasting relief

Mind-Body Harmony:
Rebalance the connection between your mind and gut through meditation and mindful eating practices.

Dietary Guidance:
Certain foods nourish you, some foods aggravate your IBS and your dosha. Get customized dietary plans for your dosha.

Austin Vantastic
Ayurvedic Practitioner

Health and wellness has been a life long passion.
It wasn't until getting IBS that my eyes truly opened what it means to be healthy.

I was tired, in pain, and searching for answers when I stumbled upon Ayurveda. This ancient holistic medicine gave me a new lease on life!

After so many months of pain, doctors, and no results. Following Ayurveda helped me kick IBS super fast! I left a thriving career in Film/TV to immerse myself in learning Ayurveda.

My mission is simple: to help heal people like you, who are suffering with no solutions

You want more than temporary fixes. You want to unlock a life of balance, energy, and freedom from illness. You're in the right place.

Join me and let's crush your healing journey together!


I had IBS-D and was losing my bowels every morning, 4x or more a day. I knew I needed a solution when I was traveling and seeing one of my clients, and I was just so uncomfortable... I was so amazed working with Austin. The time he took to understand my situation and really diagnose me was above and beyond. His WEALTH of knowledge is amazing. He completely transformed my health and my perception of it! I cannot recommend him enough

Caren Paskel, Author, Founder of Self-Evolution Education Foundation, Spiritual Educator and Leader

I have tried every new 'health tactic' out there - alkaline water, coffee enema, fruitarian, etc. I have struggled with Candida for 10+ years. Working with Austin, he got me on the right food and herbs that transformed my digestion SO FAST, few days. And his wise instruction on handling my mind and incorporating meditation into my life has been indispensable. Thank you, Austin.
Patrick, Founder, HARA

I have been suffering from frequent anxiety attacks, as many as 6 a week. I also have terrible IBS and acne. When working with Austin my anxiety attacks started reducing week by week to the point I could actually feel excited about the day! And my digestion is soo much better. I am able to eat regularly now and have started to incorporate foods that I once strictly avoided, so great!
Carolyn,  Youth Counselor, KMM

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Is Ayurveda Effective?

Unlike many short-lived health fads, Ayurveda's principles have been refined and perfected over its 5000+ years of existence, addressing core health concerns that remain consistent regardless of the era.

Is This Going to Take Over my Whole Life?

time is a precious commodity: Ayurveda isn't a rigid system that demands hours of your day. Instead, it's a fluid and adaptable practice.

Affordability of Ayurvedic Care?

It's hard to put a price on health, your life. In my experience and the experience of my clients; the value of living a life free from disease far outweighs any monetary cost

Do I Need to Stop all my Current Treatments?

Ayurveda is not about making you toss aside every other treatment, it's about integrating and harmonizing. I can work with clients using other treatments

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